Say stop to black circles with a snap recipe!


Black circles employ most girls , though dont have time to go to your beautician for a cleaning , then you can try a natural easy recipe.

Instead of pushing your skin to go black circles I get rid of them very easily, using two basic ingredients!

So to get rid once and for all of the black circles will need half a lemon and a few drops of honey!

Alum lemon and then add the honey. Then put the mixture in the places you want!

Depending on your skin black mark will disappear immediately or after the second-third time!

8 signs indicating how to refresh your wardrobe immediately!


It happens to everyone , so no need to worry or have remorse lately have not got so much time to proofread your style and you have neglected a little thoughtful daily apparitions . The job does not let you ponder much, so they end up choosing outfits a bit neutral , a bit monotonous and less style than you used before.

The signs may not be able to understand easily , but after what I’ll quote , you will be able to figure out if it’s time for big changes .

Everyday you show up with a black pants .

No matter if you have a different plan , the central idea counts ! Try some trousers or color prints that are perfect for spring.

You go home with whatever clothes and wearing in it without polyskefteis .

Unfortunately floaty your pajamas , even though they look like pajamas can be worn outside the home.

Now that the weather opens not start wearing thongs, even if you think the most comfortable footwear.

Prefer beautiful pairs of sandals and flip flops lasted for the beach , pool and hours of pedicure.

Don’t wear your sports bra through your clothes as you are comfortable .

Choose appropriate underwear for each moment and wore sports bustier in your gym .

Choose the right baggy clothes that fit your body .

The oversized coats can be fashionable , but that does not mean you have to wear a jacket three sizes bigger your dad .

The leggings are comfortable , but not fit all outfits.

Prefer skinny pants, and if you insist on wearing leggings picked out the ones that have prints and not sports .

The more clothes in your closet is dark .

If your shirt is only gray and black , probably need to move on to drastic changes . Do not lose anything, can try some colored tops and shirts .

The formal pieces you are limited to a few black dresses.

Started to buy some cocktail dresses with bold patterns and pastel colors , they definitely fit the season .

In any case made ​​a good clearance in your closet and only lasted a few timeless pieces , and made ​​sure to replace the rest with more fresh and trendy clothing and accessories .

Miley Cyrus: furious at what they say bad language!


Many are those which assume that the stay in hospital Miley Cyrus not associated with allergic reactions to antibiotics , as has outwardly , but reaction to drugs. The same , however, answers without hesitation , with typical youthful insolence : ” shut up and let me be good. Stop scaring their friends , family and my fans . “

The news that a few days ago the famous singer was hospitalized didn’t leave us very uncomfortable – mainly because she assured us that it is good, while post them photos with colorful octopus from the bed . It now comes out , however, the recovery period can last from five to 27 days .

S.O.S. Secrets of Last Minute-What to do with minor accidents clothes, hair, beauty


And once you’re ready, well-dressed , ready to get out of the house to go to Epitaph or the Resurrection , as we live and festive days, minor accidents begin to happen one after another . Of course , following panic and then moaning . But if you are properly prepared to deal with each problem calmly and not gonna spoil anything mood.


Last touch on the lashes and smudge mascara . No need to worry ! The ” magic ” sticks will make their miracle . Slightly moistened the tip of swab and carefully began to erase the smudge .

If the line of the pencil out slightly crooked , you can cover with a little shadow that will spread out evenly.

It is advisable not to dyers your nails just before you go out of the house , but if you do not have much time and leave for the last time , be very careful and use after the varnish , the drops will help them dry more quickly . If you have even less time at your disposal , use the dryer .


If you straighten your hair and humidity are starting to frizz , use miraculous tweezers and grasping some tufts created a thoroughly disheveled bun . If you still want your hair straight , make sure you have a strong press that will do wonders .


If the accident occurs in your clothes and you’re still at home , have time to change . But if you leave, then you should get your own size . A mini box Couture never hurt anyone ! Furthermore , care to have with you always half tights.


Since the holiday season choose a more formal dress with high-heeled shoes , it is good to have with you a second pair – because sometimes the heels break and betray – and of course, a pair of flat, which will make your life easier just tired .


A broken chain or a broken necklace clasp is not enough to spoil your mood. If you are ingenious , you will surely find a solution to ” save ” the situation .

Kylie Minogue: Beautiful and sexy for Vogue Australia


With a lace dress that barely covers her nakedness and half-open mouth that adds an extra dose of sensuality to the mix , the Kylie Minogue gives the Vogue Australia one of the sexiest photoshoots to date.

Equally sexy is bound , with gold embroidered body suit to remind us gold hot pants from the timeless videoclip of “Can’t get you out of my head” who spewed her career soared. Finally , the puzzle is completed with a shot in which the 45-year singer and teacher of The Voice chooses something more ” earthy ” a simple but elegant cream shirt combined with blue jeans .

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Katy Perry designs jewelry! And we love … See the first pieces


The cooperation of Katy Perry with Claire’s Accessories is a fact, so the pop singer has decided to present a sample of plans . The collection of favorite pop star includes jewelry , hair pieces and accessories , and entitled PRISM collection.

The pieces that have been created have inspired the song of Katy Perry, Roar, and the singer expects to be worn by everyone.

The jewelry is cheerful, affordable and reflect the style of Katy Perry. The collection will make its appearance in the spring , so if you are interested to get limited pieces , keep an eye up to date on time!

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10 makeup tricks that will make your life easier!


The only thing we do more excited than a good makeup is a good and quick makeup !

The makeup is an important part of our appearance ! The most important is the output we have to do the more important it must be to give us beauty look . However , the time that we usually have at our disposal is short and so either becoming something we’re missing something or forgetting to put . We present you 10 easy tricks that will make life easier for you !

1.Aplose the lipstick on your lips with a brush for concealer. You will see how easy application!

2. Use white pencil at the top of the eye and insert over the shadow. So it will look brighter and will last longer.

3.When you buy a product, you are always indicated somewhere expiration date so you do not use another after the !

4. If your lips are dry and colorless grab a toothbrush and do massage gently as the upper and lower lip ! You’ll see that you gain through this red light !

5.To take the lipstick don’t forget to put a little powder before !

6.For thicker lashes before applying mascara put a little baby powder and have effect as false .

7. To not mess your teeth with lipstick make a figure “O” with your lips and then put the lipstick you want. So you will not have lipstick on the inside of your lips and will not become dirty !

8. Unless you take with your blush and want to look a little brighter then stretched a very small amount of lipgloss you in your apples ! You have exactly the same gloss with a creamy blush .

9. Νever forget the mascara . It is the first product that comes to life and lifts your gaze .

10. Yet the eyebrow pencil works wonders since it serves and smokey eyes look and freshen makeup for your eyebrows !

MTV Movie Awards 2014: Best and worst looks!


The MTV Movie Awards 2014 is known for their fresh faces and beautiful makeup since celebrities « ‘wear what most trendy and youthful there to collect their prize or attend the event !

This year was a little different. Yes , while we saw what the trend in makeup but had both imagination and variety of colors as expected. The natural look is undoubtedly the ultimate trend of the season after the most famous chose to wear a soft base , a little mascara and lipgloss in a nude shade ! Generally those were not the natural look preferred to accentuate the eyes rather than the lips , like Rihanna, but not overdone – with a few exceptions – .

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