How will remain impossible to guide the lazy



Yet there is a guide for all those lazy girls out there – like us – that suggest how we will remain weak . Proper diet and regular exercise have been proven to boost metabolism , increase muscle and reduce fat. However, if you’re not a fan of fitness and can not control what you eat always , the following guide will show you definitely auxiliary .

Put some honey

Although the honey alone does not help you lose pounds , diet honey argues that helps you keep your line and reduces your cravings for sugar. If, therefore , use the snacks and salads you or even if you eat it plain , in combination with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables without refined carbohydrates , honey can help you reduce the levels of blood sugar. He did, however restrict the daily consumption of honey in the four tablespoons .

Hole your ears

With acupuncture and no pearls . Some experts consider the ear as the mirror of the body. Several studies have shown that acupuncture helped overweight people lose weight when the needles were placed in the ear or points that trigger hunger . These are of course in conjunction with a healthy diet .

Increase vitamin D

Vitamin D is not only important for the health of the cells, but may play an important role in weight loss . Despite the fact that there are foods that contain large amounts of vitamin D, there are quite enriched , such as milk and cereals . The job can be done very well and a dietary supplement D3. Another interesting point is that the brain needs vitamin D to keep your appetite in balance , to produce serotonin – the hormone of happiness – and to enhance the absorption of calcium , which contribute to weight loss.

Eat more strawberries

Typically , it is the high levels of antioxidants in strawberries ( and all berries in general ) that the push to top the list of super foods. However, vitamin C, fiber , and calcium content , make the strawberry the perfect ally in weight loss .

Put the asparagus in your everyday life

Asparagus is known for its diuretic properties , thereby helping to reduce bloating . Meanwhile, contains nutrients, like chlorophyll enough antioxidants , vitamins A, C, K, B6 and iron , with only 16 calories per serving and no fat . The interesting thing is that asparagus could help to break down fat because of alkaloid


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