Wire nail trend

After glass nylon became trend in 2016, a new special fashion makes its appearance in 2017. manicure The wire nail trend is what says the word that characterizes it: Manicure with … wire.

Strange trend began in South Korean salon started the trend with the ‘Glass designs’, the Unistella and reveals the creator, Eun Kyung Park, in American Marie Claire, “this new technique is inspired by the neon signs”.


Eye Shadows: The top shades for spring


If you have weakness in colors, this spring you can taste both for your everyday look, and for your makeup every moment of the day. A good idea is to accentuate your eyes with appropriate shadows, which will highlight the shape and color. You have, then, than to have a look at the hot trends suggest that large firms and then choose the ideal colors.

1. Blue shadows

The blue shades this season have a field day. You can taste tones from pale blue to Electrotechnical and dark blue, to create the most modern and unique effect on your eyes.

2. Metallics

If you prefer more glam appearances, you can choose metallics. Some bronze or golden touches will make a difference in your beauty look.

3. Glossy shadows in nude shades

Choose cream shadows that create a more bright and impressive result. Preferred one beige, cream shade or a soft, sweet pink.

4. Strong shades like pink, bright yellow or orange

With such nuances will achieve the look “70’s tropical eyes”. If you want to create a more striking effect, you can try to mix your colored shadows. It is advisable, however, to keep the rest of your natural makeup.