Wire nail trend

After glass nylon became trend in 2016, a new special fashion makes its appearance in 2017. manicure The wire nail trend is what says the word that characterizes it: Manicure with … wire.

Strange trend began in South Korean salon started the trend with the ‘Glass designs’, the Unistella and reveals the creator, Eun Kyung Park, in American Marie Claire, “this new technique is inspired by the neon signs”.


4 Secrets to lengthen your hair faster

1. Regular visits to the hairdresser

It is advised to regularly visiting your hairdresser or your hairdresser, to “clean” the edges. The secret to lengthen your hair faster is to constantly grooming.

2. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner

Of course, play an important role the products you use. Choose appropriate for the type of your hair, to strengthen them and to hydrate properly.

3. Began to use coconut oil

It will strengthen your hair, they will give them shine and gradually you will see a difference in their length.

4. Try a moisturizer for tips

When your hair frizz and dry show, look closer. That’s why you have only begun to use a spray or moisturizing oil on the edges, which gradually will increase and then will look shiny and long.

Make Up in 3 minute

Within 3 minutes you can achieve a stunning beauty look with a few easy moves. You only need to discover products that will ensure you a successful and modern look.
1. Use an eyeliner in bright color:

Αccentuate your eyes is a smart and quick tricks that will help you look great from morning till night.

2. preferred a matte lipstick:

Applying a primer before lip matte lipstick you, your makeup will last for hours.

3. The white pencil correctly illuminate your eyes:
Can you ever have in your beauty case and use it when you want to accentuate your eyes in a relatively natural beauty look
4. Choose the same color shade with the shade of your lipstick:
The soft shades pink, rosy or peach are perfect for this trick.
5. The bright lipstick will highlight your makeup:
For a relatively natural makeup preferred to apply a bright and vivid color on your lips. Choose the right shade that matches your skin.

Eye Shadows: The top shades for spring


If you have weakness in colors, this spring you can taste both for your everyday look, and for your makeup every moment of the day. A good idea is to accentuate your eyes with appropriate shadows, which will highlight the shape and color. You have, then, than to have a look at the hot trends suggest that large firms and then choose the ideal colors.

1. Blue shadows

The blue shades this season have a field day. You can taste tones from pale blue to Electrotechnical and dark blue, to create the most modern and unique effect on your eyes.

2. Metallics

If you prefer more glam appearances, you can choose metallics. Some bronze or golden touches will make a difference in your beauty look.

3. Glossy shadows in nude shades

Choose cream shadows that create a more bright and impressive result. Preferred one beige, cream shade or a soft, sweet pink.

4. Strong shades like pink, bright yellow or orange

With such nuances will achieve the look “70’s tropical eyes”. If you want to create a more striking effect, you can try to mix your colored shadows. It is advisable, however, to keep the rest of your natural makeup.

5 tips for long hair


Magical steps that make the life of your hair – and yours – easy.

1. Do not expect to reach the bathing time to start styling. One day before shampooing, helps your hair with a conditioner spray. You do that will make the ponytail of bad – hair day. Helps to soften your hair the day before!

2. If you are from girls who have long hair with very little volume and want to bring him in your steps, just finished shampooing and before “joints” your hair in the towel, goes to the roots of your hair a little foam – equal to two nuts – and let the dry briefly in the towel. You will see that the formatting will be much more “disciplined”.

3. Replace your cotton pillowcase with one satin fabric. It is much easier on the hair – like someone thy caresses while you sleep – and the friction during the night does not let tufts on the entire pillow.

4. The last rinse cared to do with cold water. Yes, it’s a little creepy, but the hot water dazzles hair. The cold gives shine, even if you do not use flash products.

5. Don’t overdo the rubber bands. Let your head to rest and when removing the hose, don’t pull as if you uproot the root of tree. Even if you have healthy hair – if not, you cause such a shock to the scalp, which neither you imagine.

Shiny hair in 6 easy steps!


You love to see them shiny and healthy and always try to use the right products.

Are you sure however that you follow all the correct steps? To take a look at what follows to ensure that you achieve the perfect result.

1. Regularly clean your combs and brushes.

It is a basic rule to have shiny and clean hair. Good to you clean and press straightening as the iron for curls.

2. Don’t bathe every day.

It is better to bathe every two days to not lose their natural shine. Moreover, if the hair with thick hair the bathes daily, will frizz constantly while gradually may become dry.

3. Non dyers your hair frequently.

If you want to brush up your highlights every 4-6 weeks will not bring your objection. If you go to the hairdresser for painting every two weeks, you will probably need to change your routine because chemical dyes will gradually weaken your hair will become brittle and will look dull.

4. Υou must be careful, and your head.

It is advisable to do a massage once in a while, whilst trying to avoid products that can cause the dry skin, dermatitis or oil.

5. Don’t overdo the dry shampoo.

Sure, it gives solution when not have time to bathe, but they need not use it then it can block the pores and make your hair to look dull.

6. Use sunscreen.

No, no exaggeration. As applied sunscreen in your face and your body, so you need to use the right product for your hair. Especially from spring onwards you should not forget nor day.

8 excesses that are destroying your image!


It’s nice to take care of your face, your hair, your nails, your appearance in general, but it is not to be excessive because the end result will not be what you expect.

1. Different makeup on face and neck.

It can happen to all of us, especially if it is sufficient or correct the lighting in the room to be painted. Therefore it is advised to double check and balcony with natural light.

2. Very long hair

Long hair is sexy and no one brings objection to this, but it is advisable not to overdo their length. The truth is that if you are too far groom more difficult, often confused and you can not manage them easily.

3. Don’t so pronounced contour of your lips.

It is advisable to use one color for the pencil of your lips that will fit enough with your lipstick. The big difference tones will create a bad result.

4. Don’t overdo the bronzer.

Want to show tanned. Use a shade that is much more intense than your skin and followed the right steps -which will find use here is to achieve the perfect result.

5. Let the scissors and nail clippers at home.

You may not live to pamper your nails at home, but that doesn’t mean you should do it in the office or in another public place. Is cleanliness issue and privacy!

6. Carefully Take your eyebrows.

Good to discover the thickness that suits you and not overdo leaving a very thin line, or a too thick. In addition, learn how to accentuate your brows properly without showing badly painted.

7. Too long nails.

Not suit me at all when writing or doing business, and the truth is that it is somewhat unsightly. The result is even worse when you decide to paint it with a bright color.

8. Let the glitter for Halloween.

You can achieve a perfect beauty look in natural tones or create a sexy smokey eyes look and you will choose a strong shadow with glitter? Probably should think again.