A stylistic detail that you will love for a long time yet!!

The bell sleeves, came as shown will remain for a long time even in our looks, once again this year give resources to the most beautiful street looks. The reason I love them so much is that pulling so much attention they give something special even the most indifferent dressing, without having to add additional accessories.


6 ideas to combine your blazer

One of the most stable and timeless pieces of our wardrobe, the blazer, redefined every season that passes, giving us the opportunity to utilize depending on the occasion.

  1. Choose a strong color or a strange pattern, automatically becomes the main item of your appearance, so no need to try especially for the other pieces to wear. A simple jeans and T-shirt are sufficient.
  2. You can wear either normal or draped on your shoulders, giving him a more relaxed and feminine style, and for even more cool look wear it with the sleeves rolled up.
  3. It can be worn even with skirts or dresses.





The more pastel shades fit perfectly with white outfit.

The denim ondenim is a big trend this year, and if you wear it over a lighter blazer, will do the particular combination may seem less casual.

The white blazer especially loves neutral color like gray.

A striped blazer in soft color. You can choose. Wear it jean and sneakers. 

A blazer in intense color create the perfect look.

Combine two statement pieces such as the blazer and hat. The result will be very trendy.

Chevron pattern: The perfect alternative to classic striped

The stripes hold special place in the heart of every fashionista, since apart from the most timeless pattern are also an option that can transform your figure and our style depending how you wear.will give even more fresh character to your look, in this case we may well turn to the chevron pattern.

5 ways to wear the beige coat

5 different stylish ways to win the impressions.

1. combine your beige trench coat with white shirt or sweater, cream trousers and lace up shoes.
2. Wear your coat with denim shirt, mini skirt with prints and oxford shoes or elegant moccasins.
3. Create the most perfect combination with floral dress and ballerinas in beige hue.
4. Choose a printed dark pants and combine it with a white shirt and Flat shoes.
5. A good idea is to wear your beige coat with jeans, black top and ballet flats in the same color.

5 jackets that will wear with your total white look

Understand that came for good spring, when you start wearing your T-shirts with light jackets and shirts and white trousers, jeans and fabric, which had so long hung in the closet.

If so, choose a total white look for one morning or your afternoon appearance, you can easily nominations a printed cardigan short or long.

Discover 5 jackets with prints to easily achieve a similar look, that will impress.

Mesh clothing: a wonderful trend

Strongly reminiscent of sportswear, but can fit nicely even more feminine creations. The mesh details reminiscent sportswear, combined with most elegant sets and create a nice effect with more casual aesthetic.

1.Select mesh detail both the top and the bottom, for more extreme results.


2.Even in more intense colors, the mesh-style shows very fresh and youthful.


3.A skirt with mesh finish will give a subtle sexiness to your style without cause.


4.Combine with a pair of sneakers, or oxfords, for the most stylish sporty look.

Milano FW Day3

5.A maxi mesh skirt style