4 Secrets to lengthen your hair faster

1. Regular visits to the hairdresser

It is advised to regularly visiting your hairdresser or your hairdresser, to “clean” the edges. The secret to lengthen your hair faster is to constantly grooming.

2. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner

Of course, play an important role the products you use. Choose appropriate for the type of your hair, to strengthen them and to hydrate properly.

3. Began to use coconut oil

It will strengthen your hair, they will give them shine and gradually you will see a difference in their length.

4. Try a moisturizer for tips

When your hair frizz and dry show, look closer. That’s why you have only begun to use a spray or moisturizing oil on the edges, which gradually will increase and then will look shiny and long.

5 ways to wear the beige coat

5 different stylish ways to win the impressions.

1. combine your beige trench coat with white shirt or sweater, cream trousers and lace up shoes.
2. Wear your coat with denim shirt, mini skirt with prints and oxford shoes or elegant moccasins.
3. Create the most perfect combination with floral dress and ballerinas in beige hue.
4. Choose a printed dark pants and combine it with a white shirt and Flat shoes.
5. A good idea is to wear your beige coat with jeans, black top and ballet flats in the same color.

5 jackets that will wear with your total white look

Understand that came for good spring, when you start wearing your T-shirts with light jackets and shirts and white trousers, jeans and fabric, which had so long hung in the closet.

If so, choose a total white look for one morning or your afternoon appearance, you can easily nominations a printed cardigan short or long.

Discover 5 jackets with prints to easily achieve a similar look, that will impress.

Mesh clothing: a wonderful trend

Strongly reminiscent of sportswear, but can fit nicely even more feminine creations. The mesh details reminiscent sportswear, combined with most elegant sets and create a nice effect with more casual aesthetic.

1.Select mesh detail both the top and the bottom, for more extreme results.


2.Even in more intense colors, the mesh-style shows very fresh and youthful.


3.A skirt with mesh finish will give a subtle sexiness to your style without cause.


4.Combine with a pair of sneakers, or oxfords, for the most stylish sporty look.

Milano FW Day3

5.A maxi mesh skirt style



Lace up top: The item you have loved it girls this year

Models, fashion lovers and bloggers suddenly gained a new love, which is none other than the lace up tops.Combined with pants or skirts and create a boho feel.

1. Choose loose lines that allow you to adopt and the trend of one shoulder, thus combining two trends in one item.


2.The white shades fit perfectly with the tan, creating a chic effect.


3. Total black.


4. Monochrome options, a trend this year is gaining more and more ground.


5. Combine lace up top with a culotte pant.