Men: How is the girl of their dreams?


What do men want? Usually those wondering what we want because women have more complex personalities. We know, but really, if the model of the “tall, mysterious blonde ‘or’ sweet, innocent brunette ‘is what you really looking? Men respond, solving our questions and reveals 8 characteristics to be necessarily the girl of their dreams:

1.Beauty and Fit: The first thing you notice in a woman, as revealed, is the face and body. A beautiful appearance sends the message that you care about yourself and how you follow a healthy lifestyle. As for the features they like, it seems that when a girl has a good personality like more even if it is not the ‘type’ them!
2.Faithful: the Dream Girl is faithful. Not only do you ever cheated on him but will always support him even when he is wrong …!

4.Smart: The ideal partner is smart, can make an interesting conversation with him and his friends and has a witty personality.

5. Be good in bed: What does this mean for men? To take initiatives.

6. Is confident: Jealousy no harm, provided they are not excessive. Men looking for a woman who is confident, loves herself and why not admire him.

7.Groomed: The ideal woman for men is always groomed but never shows it is trying. Perhaps the men have been greatly influenced by Hollywood films, for this dream a girl who wakes up with perfect hairstyle and always dressed in style!

8.Good cook: No, do not want the girl to be ‘Priceless’, want their girl to be good at all. To be successful professionally but also a good housewife.

Perfect eyebrows in five easy steps!


Eyebrows curved, geometric, thick or thin? Before you get the perfect shape, good to discover one that suits your face and your features. But just pick the ideal, we can do it in five easy steps.

1. Preparation.

Wash your face and sat down in a spot near the window to have the right natural light. Use a middle mirror to see every detail and a good eyebrow tweezers. The truth is that it is worth investing in a good pair of tweezers, as it will certainly send stead.

2. Define the shape.

The most important is to find with your finger bone of your eyebrows, since it is a compass to create the perfect shape. Your eyebrows should follow the pattern is the bone at this point so you can remove them with tweezers.

3. Make sure that both your eyebrows have the same shape.

Many times we make the mistake and remove one eyebrow, we continue with the second and finally realize that their shape is different, the effect of which tapers more than we want, just to correct their shape. During down a procedure tried to compare your eyebrows to be the same. 

4. Give in your eyebrows the perfect shape.

2/3 brow you tried  to give a more rounded shape. Try to form a curve that resembles natural and not particularly escapes the brow bone.

5. Stressed color.

Use one mascara to the layers every hair and a pencil in the color of your eyebrows to fill the gaps that may exist and to give volume.Tried the result shows natural.